WABC IMUS ANNOUNCES CANCER... DEVELOPING... WABC IMUS ANNOUNCES CANCER... DEVELOPING... http://www.drudgereport.com/ Go to Mainland China (This may explain how come China Communist must have right to ban anyone from leaving instead of entering; you can always kill the non-virgin woman to help them to keep more good remaining to go. You will not have room problem when you don't have a sex issue have to deal. Just s 澎湖民宿ee how navy places so many male inside that small ship space.)to see trustable Chinese(That how you need to kill anyone who knows how to read and write Chinese words to profited or make living in any medical linked related field, because Chinese "Zhi.10.份子" dare profited and make living at sick weak wicked must be the evilest suckers that your civil court must have no way to deal with any 保濕面膜one of them.) tradition medicine doctor who does not need you to speak any language to him. As a man, you should do all you can not to lie down.Don Imus says he's battling stage two prostate cancer As of 11:55 a.m. CDT http://www.yahoo.com/ Mar 16 2009 Like Chinese said "4.Mar.Down.Whore.Mar.Ill", you must not expe 酒店打工ct Western sucking medical school tooled fooled suckers or evil doers can have any good sense to give you any advise. Cancer cannot grow in any good peaceful natural body, you rather back to natural to die freely than rely on those sucking western evil doers to jail your free mind.Ill or sick man must do the duty to divorce his wife immediately or as soon as possible before it becomes too late to be able to do like that, leave all 買屋網positive property to her, take all debt along with himself, daughter and under age son must leave to her, teen ager son can have the freedom to make decision honestly to stay with mom or leave that warm bed room behind with his dad. Imus, you need to know that White is minority in this world, when you are minority, you cannot help the world to do better, you white is trash, not the leader, the world soaring population is the crime of you the Whit 吳哥窟e, because you White (You White needs to learn the lesson to do better, when the last white mankind leaves nuclear the entire world before all white mankind gone with wind instead of left sucking sentence to bring American flag to go. Because Asian has no mankind, you just need to see how I was treated by first class Chinese citizen in Taiwan to see their "1.Die.Boot.Rule.1.Die" sicker weaker wicked, Black has no mankind, you just need to see your current President 0bama to 租屋網 get the bottom line, not mention Clearance Thomas re-marriage showed obviously see his sons interests like nothing or see marriage integrity like nothing; Hispanic has no mankind, you just need to see how that stupid bad ugly evil Chavez tooled fooled his slaves to see the rest of Latin America like nothing"Chavez preparing 'artillery' for Americas summit... http://www.drudgereport.com/")obviously failed to do the minority duty to kill your own white trash, to kill the rest of the s 商務中心tupid bad ugly evil majority instead of tooled fooled the stupid bad ugly evil majority to be slaved by you, instead of following the low lower lowest majority to use sex as the tool to make more white trash population. Your liar US President Bill Clonton's ass whore so called his co-president Hillary Clinton (She went to Mainland China openly shamelessly calling fall, as US Secretary dare shamelessly lawlessly Godlessly kiss Rebel grouped Palestinian ass to offer them pile of dollars bills scholarship fun 室內設計d, China Communist slave ??豫 <Chinese good traditional writing as 陳魯豫>openly connected to 0prah Winfrey <How that stupid bad ugly evil 0prah Winfrey built up her own big mouthful pocket full?>, Maxine Water's banking crime, Shiela Jackson Lee Black scholarship fund, why you stupid bad ugly evil white dare not do your duty to connect the dot?)brought their then college student daughter to Africa showed your white trash underground chained slavery terrors crime scene, you white openly buy and sell NBA and 591 football baseball players committed the crime worse than wild wild west time to sell and buy black slaves time. Because wild wild west time the slaves master not ever slaved those slaves free mind with lifeless germful dollar bills. You white dare be the leader of the world committed white trash crime, you all should be killed and go to hells rather sooner than later. You should know how merciful you can die under one good gun shot now. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 苗栗旅遊  .


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