Man must die Honorably like Chinese told "重如泰山" Every Man and Woman will die sooner or later. Let me tell you man again, Man, you will die sooner or later, no matter how you dare not to face it, therefore, you better face it no matter how scare you dare not or unwilling to see this fact. Therefore, man, you must be brave, must have the guts to kill all stupid bad ugly evil politicians Chinese so called "貪官污吏", kill "貪 有巢氏房屋官污吏" to "Way.Mean.Chwu.High" makes man leaves VAluable and Honorably no matter how old he leaves when the time he dies. Every female who occupies the public office seat must be killed, NO EXCEPTION. Yes, including "LU: ShowLain" , yes including the one who cleans your public building restroom that paid by your tax payers money. Your country already 烤肉sinks in such lawless Godless hells no matter you call yourself TAiwanese or Chinese or Taiwanese Chinese, you are man, you have the duty to kill those unfitted "公" 務人員 to save all your good better best remainings to make it possible that you can turn your country into right direction to get better hope tomorrow . You cannot hire enough man power to clean the build 酒店打工ing? then enforce every man who working in that building takes turn to do it. Yes, including your stupid bad ugly evil Chen SuiBian must be in turn if you cannot hire man to clean your President building restrooms. And place sign in all female restrooms to tell her how to file complain when she sees any restroom not clean enough to fit her satisfaction. Keep in mind, President is the head of Public 室內設計 Servants, when his team short of hands, he must come down to do the help personally like any store manager. President is not KING, President is One of PUBLIC Servants. He does not like to service the public needs, he must resign. Woman has no duty to service any one except to take care her own kids or fe.male as per her heart. Therefore, no matter you are man or woman, you have no right to hire any woman to service you o 關鍵字廣告r to work for you. Therefore, any company that has shared with government officials like China Airline, Taiwan TV or radio stations that dare to hire woman to whore must deserve Bin Laden gangster to use whatever tools available to bomb those working places pieces away. Therefore, if you need to take a flight, you best make sure that airplane has no female servant occupy in that space any way, or you must make sure that airliner has no any g 術後面膜overnment officials share holders. This may explain how come there's private citizen handing out private ownership right to trust company to control when he needs to take public office seat. General does not need bend to service. This may explain how come the Military must not messed or mixed with Politicians. Yes, you can kill your General, if he does not follow the power of honesty rule to win the high honorable respectable rank(s). Yes, if you are a man, yo 買屋網u lost your will to live, you must bring as many as the ones hated by you to leave with you like 趙承輝 had done to show your "重如泰山" 's fact, in order to prove your "重如泰山" you must make sure every one UNDER your target must be all died COMPLETELY Whole, you must not like suicide bombers piece every one away lightly. You need to know that the one you bring to leave with you good better best or stupid bad ugly evil does not matter, as long as you can have the ability to make 小額信貸 them leaving in the fastest way, you are righteous any way. Because every man and woman will die sooner or later, your fastest way to leave them is the best mercy anyone can get. If any one does not deserve to leave, no matter how much you want him or her to die, without God's please, you cannot get any one of them to leave with you. Man must not bring any one he loves to die with him, because love is life, if he has any love one in this world, he MUST struggle to live, he must not make suicide kill; he has 找房子 the right to bring as many as the ones hated by him to leave must because he lost all his love(his only love woman died, his loving community and beloved country stolen by underground chained slavery terriorist disappeared invisibly like the movie "Audience" stated that "Japan is finished"; you must not follow the low lower lowest to do the steal like them, therefore, your only option is to kill.) to live.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店工作  .
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